What began as a Jewish mentorship experiment on a single university campus has quickly grown into a masterwork of Jewish engagement operating on 21 prominent college campuses across the country and beyond.

Launched in 2005, MEOR’s unique brand of Jewish leadership training, sophisticated text-based study and experiential education programming highlights the importance of Jewish values, identity and community. In just over a decade, MEOR has impacted more than 18,000 undergraduate students, encouraging them to connect with Judaism on their own terms and in their own time.

In 2016, MEOR established post-university programming to ensure that its alumni would have a familial Jewish framework for sustained growth as young professionals.

Now in its second decade, MEOR continues to ignite the Jewish flame within a new generation of young Jewish leaders who are hungry for community, continuity and connectivity.


Rabbi Yoni Ganger

I graduated Washington University in St. Louis with BA in Psychology- Neuroscience- Philosophy.  Prior to attending medical school, I decided to take a year to study Judaism at Machon Shlomo.  Instantly, this became my passion and after a second year of study, I decided to put medical school aside and to dedicate my life to helping other Jews realize the treasures they possessed in their own 'backyard'.  After seven more years of study and Rabbinic ordination from the Jerusalem Kollel in 2013, I saw an opportunity to engage students at Harvard University and landed on campus in 2014. Since then, I've been on campus engaging Harvard students over steak or a coffee at JP Licks.